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Retro Shots are made by a slightly mad, slightly alcoholic, Willy Wonka kind of a guy.

He spent his childhood gazing at the
shelves of a sweet shop.


He grew into a man who still loved sweets and also liked a drink or two !!

But he was sick of losing a filling or a crown to his
favourite sweet treat and fed up with drinking tasteless weak drinks.


After slipping on a Spangle  in his laboratory, and banging  his head, he saw a “Bright Light, Bright Light”

The name Retro Shots came in a

Flash (a – ah)  To Save Everyone of Us !!


After a quick Truffle Shuffle, and a quick Wax on, Wax Off  
the idea of
sweetie flavoured booze was born.

       Yippee-ki-yay !!

 “We came,we saw,we kicked other shot’s ass”




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